About Us

Mid-Willamette Trans Support Network was founded in 2016, by and for gender diverse people, to provide for the needs and security of transgender, nonbinary, intersex, gender diverse and gender-nonconforming members of our community. We accomplish this through collaboratively-sourced resource donations, emergency grants, and social support networks.


The Mid Willamette Transgender Support Network was founded in 2016. We began to grow slowly one member at a time, as we started by building spaces to be in the community and trade resources to support each other.

Group of gay teens
Older hip couple


We envision a world where we are ensured our basic human rights, and we hope to achieve this by increasing understanding and acceptance of the transgender community as a whole. We hope to achieve this by passing the spotlight and creating spaces for transgender people to speak for themselves.

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Young gay couple







Our VolunQueer Staff

Elijah Stucki [they/them] - Executive Director & Gender Expansive Support Group Facilitator 

Artemis Leona - [ki/kin/kins]

Resource Dispatcher & Nonbinary Support Group Facilitator

Bodie Brooks [they/them] - Volunteer Coordinator and Social Media Manager

Morgan O'Rourke-Liggett [they/he] - TransMasculine Support Group Facilitator

Support Volunteer Staff