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Assistance Programs

Helping out with basic needs is what we do best! Check out all our programs here.

Our Programs

Mid Willamette Transgender Support Network was founded on the basic idea that nobody should be living without basic services. All our programs serve to help with needs such as food security, gender-affirming clothing, emergency assistance, and community support.

Volunteers Packing Food

Food Access - On Hold

Have a hot meal with your local trans community at a pot luck event! Bring food to share or enjoy what's brought! For more info, check our Events Page.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Clothing Store

Clothing Closet - On


Check out the Really Really Free Market in Corvallis for the meantime @rrfm_corvallis on instagram

Our Clothing Closet provides gender-affirming clothes to individuals in need. Donations open seasonally. Come to a Clothing Swap event to see our selection or learn more.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Image by Micheile Henderson


Our Microgrant fund is for individuals who are in need of rent relief, surgeries, or are struck by some form of financial hardship. You can access the application form here.


Support Groups

We hold support groups for a trans people of every variety. If you want to meet people who share your experience with gender and sex, check out our Events Page and swing by our Facebook and Instagram.

How Can We Help

Our services are focused on serving the needs of the trans, intersex and gender expansive community in the Mid-Willamette Valley area. We hope to expand our programs and services to better serve this community. We hope to provide education and training services in the future. We also want to recruit more volunteers to build our community further. If you have an expertise or want to help in any way, please Contact Us.

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